Noursat USA

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Tele-Lumiere and Noursat, A Christian based, humanitarian television station broadcasting in Arabic 24 hours a day, 7 days a week from Lebanon to the Middle East, Europe, Africa and North America. The message is one the peace and love of Christ to all nations.


Tele-Lumiere and Noursat do not broadcast any political views and do not accept or promote any commercial endorsements. Its sole survival depends on your generous and gracious donations. To Christian minorities throughout the Middle East, Tele-Lumiere / Noursat have been a gift from God. In places where people do not have Churches in which to gather, the station enables them to hear the Gospel. It is our obligation and our responsibility as Christians to actively work on preserving a Christian presence and identity in the land where Christ was born. In these violent and troubled times that humanity is facing today, it is ever more crucial that we begin to plant the seeds of love, harmony and understanding among people, especially in the volatile Middle East where Tele-Lumiere began its work. Unless we strive to foster a safer, gentler more tolerant and forgiving world for our children and the future generations, we will unknowingly and regrettably contribute to the demise of our civilization. Please help support the noble pursuit of this station. Tele-Lumiere is a non-profit organization, registered as an ecclesial institution under the Eparchy (Diocese) of Saint Maron in Brooklyn, New York. Your tax deductible donation is gratefully accepted.

May God continue to shine his light on the true word of our mission.